Sunday, April 27, 2014


Who is the person that will forever be by your side?
Who is the only person that you can always count on?

Yeah, you've got it... You know perfectly well who it is!
And considering that you know it so well, why on earth are you trying to blame others for the things that that person has or hasn't done?

How easy is it for to many of us to do whatever necessary to get rid of the responsibility of controlling ones life, but will not do a single thing to move towards the things we say that we want?
It's so damn easy to complain isn't it?
So much easier than assuming that you are not perfect... But that you want to work on getting "better"....

Is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you go to that lousy job that you keep complaining about?
And even if it were so, you would still have a choice.

Assuming the enormous responsibility of ones options is to often considered s heavy burden... In opposition to being seen as the key that unlocks your freedom.

Such freedom will allow you to do whatever you want... Or simply do nothing at all...
Either way, you'll eventually learn to use the power of your choices in your own advantage.
Because you might not assume the responsibility.... You might even blame other for it, but you're smart enough to continue to choose the option that you unconsciously consider that favours you the most...

The truth is that either you assume it or not, you're continuously making choices!
So why not stop fooling yourself with stories?
And assume that you are the one that holds the key to your future...

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