Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How far can a tear go?

For quite a reasonable period of time I was seen by many as an optimistic person. The kind of person that doesn't get carried away very easily.
And now, in one of those moments that exhaustion as taken its turn, I wonder about how strong can one be.

There are several situations in our lives that forces us forward.
We may move on either by option or simply because there is no other option.

And if it is so, what meaning can one attribute to tears.
Are tears the ultimate symbol of weakness? Or they are just the strategy that the stronger ones cling on to every once in a while?

Personally, I think that I am extremely far away from being emotionless.
It is a fact that I have seen my fare share of misery and suffering. It is also true that in most of those situations I chose not to intervene.
But don't be fooled, because that does not mean that I didn't felt their pain.

Might that mean that I am a ruthless person?
Might that mean that I never get carried away?
NO! It does not!

In some moments we are just not supposed to cry. Whereas in other being washed by our own tears is the ultimate way of keeping strong.

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