Thursday, November 14, 2013


To those of whom misfortune knocks on the door, having someone to share their grief with is extremely important. But I cannot help to wonder, is simpathy necessarily the same as living another's bad experiences?

Too often we listen to people complaining about the bad things that happened in their lives. How sad their are about what happened... How unfortunate they are...and so on...
But is it really necessary to feel sad as well? 

Not long ago, I listened to someone explaining that while one understands the challenges that another has to overcome it does not mean that we have to go through them as well. 
So you don't have to be sad just to show that you simpathise for a bad moment in person's life. 

Needless to say that this is not the same as being heartless. It is obvious that when a natural catastrophe hits, and thousands die, you don't go running around screaming that it does not touch you, that it does not affect you. 
Well, you might (if that is really what you are feeling).... But you can also accept what you feel at that moment, and move on... 
Because sometimes moving on is what allows us to do something to overcome the challanged of life! 

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